Our Mission

House of Grace loves all women to Christ by providing safe, transitional housing and resources for those in need so they can become independent and productive members of the community.

Our Vision

House of Grace will be an instrument to enable women to achieve their full potential and will support them in sharing the abundant love of God with others.

Long Term Goals

  • Support women in a growing relationship with Jesus through guidance in discipleship
  • Increase women’s level of engagement in their church community
  • Provide a caring and compassionate living environment
  • Provide a sense of community among the residents
  • Educate and Empower women for independent living
  • Provide resources for women in need of transitional housing
  • Support women to be self-sufficient through employment and financial stability
  • Empower women through mentoring
  • Develop Community partnerships

Next Steps…

For more information about House of Grace or volunteer opportunities, contact us.